Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Addicted to...Desperate Housewives!!!

A few weeks ago, a friend of ours lent us the first season of the famous TV show Desperate Housewives. I was aware that many people had been following this series, but I never got round to watching any of the episodes.

As I sat down to watch the first episode with my sweetheart, I was quite sceptical. I was expecting another show about a handful of superficial high-class women spending most of their time cheating or worrying about whether to buy an Armani dress rather than a Versace one!

Contrary to my expectations, as I watched one episode after another, I really fell in love with the series! Although some events are over-the-top to keep the audiences interested or amused, I found that there were many episodes that touched on countless issues that affect various individuals in different ways. I like the fact that the narrator (Mary Alice) sprinkles her reflections at the beginning and at the end of every episode. I have always been very fond of anything which provides me with some interesting food for thought! :)

As far as the characters are concerned, on an aesthetic basis, Gabrielle is - by far - the most beautiful of them all. Lynette, on the other hand, looks scary! :)

How would I profile the women in this series? I would say that Susan is terribly clumsy, caring, impulsive, and a total romantic; although she could get involved in fights, she hates grudges and normally tries to patch things up with whoever hurt her in any way. Gabrielle is an extremely determined woman with clearly-defined goals and she lets nothing get in her way. Edie comes across as the man-eater, but her rivalry with Susan makes her appear to be a rather insecure person. Lynette is a very dominant, selfish, and ambitious woman; whenever her husband or anyone else challenges her expectations, all hell breaks loose! Bree is tremendously conservative, a perfectionist, and an expert at using denial as a self-defence mechanism; whenever there is a problem, she usually either denies its existence or blames it on something/someone else without really trying to see whether she is contributing to the problem!
In less than a month since watching the first episode, Wendy and I have already finished watching the first two seasons!!! :) I am now really looking forward to watching the third one. I must say that I have become addicted to watching the adventures of the Wisteria Lane women! :)



La delirante said...

We are really hooked to "Desperate Housewives" right? :)Loved your post. I found the description of the girls to be very accurate :)

I am also looking forward to watching the Third Season :)


David Cuschieri said...

Thanks for your comments, sweetie! :)

L-Imżebbel said...

That's a perfect example of the concept of Marxist alieNATION. As long as people will still be hooked on this humbug, people like us will always be marginalized.

Remember Nietzsche...

La delirante said...

"Marxist alieNATION"???

"people like us"? "humbug"? Have you seen it?

Red said...

I am quite sure that a series like Desperate Housewives was created to entertain the viewers. I doubt that it was intended to serve as an analysis of various issues that affect, say, working class housewives.

Even though money rarely seems to be a problem for the Wisteria Lane women, the series touches on several matters that would probably be of great interest to most people. Indeed, each episode deals with something different; one episode was about good and evil, one was about the ways in which people sabotage other people's lives, etc.

One of the things which I really like about the series is that unlike many other TV shows, it really shows how difficult raising children could be for some parents.

Having said the above, it would be interesting to have a TV show that gives more attention to the problems faced by the worst-off members of the working class...anyone willing to write the script? :)