Monday, 31 December 2007

2007: A Very Good Year

There are only a few hours left until we bid farewell to 2007. In my case, the latter has been a very good year. Much better than 2006.

There were various positive aspects related to 2007. As far as the job area is concerned, I managed to pass the necessary CII (Chartered Insurance Institute) exams to obtain the Certificate in Insurance. Apart from achieving this certificate, I also travelled to Italy a number of times to attend a workshop or other business meetings. As a claims officer, I felt that I learned many new things throughout the year. It felt good to be described as a "valuable employee" by one of the company directors during the Christmas staff party.

During the Christmas staff party, I also received the Department of Information Award. As a person who likes to read a great deal and who enjoys keeping up with the latest world news, such characteristics led me to win this award.

The year was also a very positive one when talking about the social sphere. Wendy and I met some new people with whom we shared some marvellous times. The fruits of friendship are always so sweet!

The blog experience was also something new during 2007. Writing online has allowed me to express my thoughts to several people around the world. It has also allowed me to meet some very interesting individuals. I will write more about my views concerning blogging in another post. Having said so, initiating and maintaining this blog was surely a very rewarding experience!

There were many other positive aspects related to 2007, but it would take ages to list them all. I surely cannot omit the the fact that living with my wife gives my whole life experience a wonderful glow! Thanks a lot, Wen! :)

I just hope that 2008 will be an even better year! :) Happy New Year to All!!!


La delirante said...

2007 has also been a great year for me and I am very happy that I have shared it with you :) You have certainly given it meaning :)

Anonymous said...

Awguri mill-qalb David u Wendy u grazzi hafna tal-kummenti.


David Cuschieri said...

Grazzi hafna, Sandro! Nittamaw li ma ndumux wisq sakemm nergghu niltaqghu!