Tuesday, 21 October 2008

An Interview with...Myself!!!

During the past few weeks, even though I was extremely busy with my insurance studies, I went over several things in my life. More specifically, I wanted to open the various drawers in my mind and to clean out any cobwebs or dust that had accumulated there over time. :) It was not an easy process, but it was definitely a rewarding one! In order to avoid a rather tedious post about my latest thoughts/beliefs, I have decided to list a number of questions to myself in an interview format. Hope that you will enjoy reading this "interview"! :))

Q: You have an Honours degree in Psychology, but you are studying and working in insurance. In a fairly recent post, you mentioned an interest in studying Medicine. As far as career aspirations are concerned, what plans do you have for the future?

A: It is true that I have an Honour degree in Psychology. It is also true that I have been studying and working in insurance for approximately three years. I cannot deny that there have been a number of instances in the past when I harboured the desire of studying Medicine, but this dream has always ended up being archived somewhere in one of the hidden corners of my mind! Although I will probably always remain fascinated by medical matters, I am hoping to build a future that is somewhat tied with my current occupation. At the moment, I am working as a Senior Claims Insurance Officer and I am presently studying to obtain my Diploma in Insurance. I have recently noticed that many individuals who work on claims tend to take a fairly active interest in legal studies. Working in an insurance management/broking firm, I really enjoy that feeling of safeguarding a client's interests! During the time that I have spent working in the said company, I have often managed to persuade a number of insurance companies to settle countless claims. If I see that a client is right and deserves to be paid a certain amount of money, I can be a big headache for the company that keeps refusing to pay! :)

Ever since I was a child, many people had encouraged me to pursue legal studies. Fascinated by Psychology, I never really thought about studying Law. Nowadays, as I gain more experience in insurance and develop a better understanding of various legal principles, I strongly believe that I could eventually further my studies in Law. I consider myself to be a very assertive person and my ability to communicate in several languages would surely be an asset!

In a nutshell, I plan to continue working and studying insurance for a while. Yet, I also hope to study Law so that I can work as a lawyer sometime in the future.

Q: Your favourite dish?

A: Spaghetti alla carbonara! :)

Q: Favourite TV show?

A: Boston Legal.

To be continued...