Sunday, 13 January 2008

Thank You, Michael Moore!

Yesterday I finally got the chance to watch Michael Moore's latest documentary Sicko; it is available on DVD at some movie rental shops. I had spent several months waiting for the local cinemas to show it, but they never did (I wonder why...?).

The documentary was SUPERB!!! It confirmed my analysis of how the obsession with profit and with individualism in the US has replaced the desire to see other people, especially the sick, in a caring way, as fellow members of one's community. It also showed how one US administration after another indoctrinated countless US citizens to despise anything that even smelt of socialism.

At one point, a list of countries was shown in order to see the ranking of the US healthcare system when viewed on an international level; it stands at the 37th place. I was glad to see that Malta's healthcare system was ranked 5th in the world!!! I did some research earlier on today and I found the list on the Internet; the ranking was carried out by the World Health Organisation.

Thank you, Michael Moore, for showing some of the many victims of the merciless profit-driven US healthcare system! Please keep on shedding more light on how socialism is the remedy to the evils of capitalism!


Andre said...

I'm not a fan of Michael Moore... but is Sicko the film where he interviews Tony Benn?

La delirante said...

Hi Red ;)! As usual, very interesting post! Thanks for introducing me to Michael Moore. "Sicko" is a great documentary! so powerful!

Hey Andre, yes, Tony Benn is interviewed in "Sicko". You can have a look at this if you like:

Red said...

Thanks for the comments! :)