Monday, 19 November 2007

A Wonderful Evening with Friends

Last Saturday, Wendy and I were invited to a friend's place. Once there, we ate some minestrone, pupusas (shown in the photo above), and a rice dish that is fairly common in Peru. Pupusas are synonymous with El Salvador; they are extremely good!!! Wendy and I used to love eating them when we were living together in El Salvador way back in 2005. On Saturday, a Salvadoran friend brought the necessary ingredients to prepare them and they were simply delicious!

Apart from enjoying the exquisite food, I also felt great to be among good friends. We talked about several topics and laughed a lot.

Sadly, I think that friendly gatherings are sometimes brushed aside nowadays due to the long working hours and many other issues. While understanding the importance of having time for oneself and to take care of certain personal matters, I believe that friendships should never be taken lightly. True friendship does not develop overnight; it requires dedication and trust, but the rewards are so wonderful.

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La delirante said...

We really had a great time! Pupusas...I could eat pupusas every day!