Monday, 26 November 2007

More Research about Death

I have recently finished reading Emma Heathcote-James's They Walk Among Us: An Investigation into the Phenomenon of After-Death Materialisation. Although some careful editing could have prevented a number of spelling mistakes from appearing in the final version, I found the book to be an extremely interesting one. Written by a person who is not a medium, Ms Heathcote-James tackled the subject of materialisations in a very scientific way. As an avid supporter of scientific research, I favour the approach taken by the author. Of course, further studies are required so that we can all learn more about ourselves. As stated by Professor Peter Wadhams, a lecturer at the University of Cambridge, "Much more research is needed, and it is ironic that this, the most important scientific question of all, has the fewest people working on it and the least (that is, zero) support from scientific funding agencies" (2007, p. xix).



La delirante said...


I really want to read that book when you finish it :)

Have a nice week!

L-Imżebbel said...

Hi Andre,

I suggest you read Life After Life and The Light Beyond by Raymond Moody. They're very interesting.

David Cuschieri said...

Hi! Thanks for the recommendations! I had actually read both books a long time ago. Raymond Moody is a psychiatrist and his works are certainly worth reading for anyone with a serious interest in the subject of life after "death".

Emma Heathcote-James said...

Stick the editor in the docks I say ;o)!

Glad you enjoyed the book, it is indeed a fascinating subject and one once you take the lid off is hard to put down.... Emma x

Red said...

Emma: Thank you very much for your comment! I still believe that much more research should be carried out on the issue of life after death since the findings could change our current lives quite dramatically. Should you ever decide to visit Malta, it would be great to meet to exchange our views regarding this subject. :)