Sunday, 9 September 2007

Cards and Photos

Yesterday afternoon and earlier on today, I was having a look at various birthday cards that I had received several years ago. I also opened some of my photo albums. As I read the words written on some of the cards, I could not help feeling a bit sad. I felt pretty much the same as I looked at many photos.

As a person, I love cards and photos. They help to remind us that we are loved and that life has so many beautiful things to offer. Yet, the same two things can also be a reminder of broken promises and of the fact that loss is a part of life. In 2006, my mom passed away and one of my best friends also grew distant from me. I felt very angry and and terribly wounded. I thank Wendy for having helped me throughout the healing process, but the scars are still there.

When I saw countless photos of my mom and of the many good times we shared, I felt as though someone was squeezing my heart. I felt the same when I was reading the birthday cards she had given me over the years. The melancholy was strengthened when I saw the beautiful words about lasting friendships penned by various friends who have almost completely disappeared since the days when those cards were written.

To me, friendship is extremely important. It is one of the most beautiful things in this world. I do not treat my friends as though there were a contract stating that the friendship would only last for a specific period of time. I am one of those individuals who still believes that friendship should be eternal. There might be misunderstandings and conflicts, but true friendship can overcome all such things.

I would not like to generalise, but it seems that several people befriend others for very selfish reasons. Once an individual is no longer necessary to achieve certain goals, he/she is dumped and totally forgotten. Sadly, I have seen this happen MANY times!!! Just to mention what appears to be a fairly common situation, numerous individuals seem to be extremely friendly when they are single. As soon as a romantic partner is found, a huge change becomes noticeable; the former friendliness is replaced by a distant and uncaring attitude.

In spite of my negative experiences, I am still confident that there are many people out there who believe that true friendships exist and that such relationships should last forever!


Carin said...

Well I am convinced that true friendships exist and should last forever. My own experiences are different though.

Your post brought tears to my eyes for I can imagine the sadness you felt on reading all those birthdaycards from your mum. The same happens to me when I open that box with cards from long ago friends. But still I keep and cherish them and try to keep in contact with most friends. Howevert that's not easy for it has to come from both sides. Like you wrote a lot changes when friends find a partner.

Keep believing!

David Cuschieri said...

Hi Carin! Thanks a lot for your nice words! I believe that forgiveness is very important when we feel wounded by others, especially by those we trust!

maressa said...

i am afraid of even opening some birthday cards of old friends i had...