Saturday, 11 August 2007

Visit to the Alternattiva Demokratika Party's office

This morning, Wendy and I visited the Alternattiva Demokratika Party's office in Sliema. Our visit was motivated by the fact that my wife supports this party. Even though I am a Socialist and will not vote for this party during the next general elections, the individuals we met were very pleasant and energetic.

On Thursday afternoon, I went to see if the office was open so that my wife could go to introduce herself. The door was closed, but the PRO guy was waiting there and we started talking about various topics. A few minutes later, I saw Dr Harry Vassallo (the party leader) walking towards us. I had often seen him here in Sliema, but we were simply familiar strangers to each other. After shaking hands, we spoke a bit about my wife's interest in the party and about a common friend of ours. We also talked briefly about the US's foreign policy. Before proceeding on my way home, I recommended Noam Chomsky's Failed States to Dr Vassallo. The book is a must for whoever is interested in learning more about the behaviour of the Bush administration and about its consequences on an international level.

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