Saturday, 25 August 2007

Ronald Reagan's War in El Salvador

After reading about the crimes committed by the Reagan administration, I really wonder how so many people can still consider Reagan as having been a good president!


Andre said...

Economically I think Reagan did a lot of damage - as did Margaret Thatcher. But I think he was instrumental in ending the cold war and in ending oppression in a number of countries. And whilst I've got nothing but contempt for the bitch which people refer to as the iron lady, I've got some small admiration for Ronald Reagan.

Apart from that you have to consider that he came after a string of quite terrible presidents; Nixon, Ford and Carter. And whatever you think of the man you've got ot agree he had charisma and he sort of personified "the American dream".

La delirante said...

I tend to disagree with Andre, as for me Reagan was totally non-charismatic. The guy came from an acting background and had no practical skills as a politician. His foreign policy ruined my country and his government gave millions of dollars to the Salvadoran government to continue the war. They thought it was an ideological war while as in fact it was an insurrection because people coudn't take the level of poverty and injustice anymore.