Sunday, 24 June 2007


When it comes to Michael Moore, it seems that most people either love or hate him! I cannot say that I agree with ALL his views (are there any two human beings who share identical views about life and the universe??), but I support many of his ideas.

I had read two of his books and watched "Bowling For Columbine" as well as "Fahrenheit 9/11". I strongly believe that the world needs more people like him who have the courage to investigate, to go beyond what various politicians tell the people, and to struggle in favour of those who are suffering. I also admire him because he dares to criticise the US administration at a time when it seems that if you say anything against President Bush's policies, you are almost immediately branded as a terrorist or something similar!
At the moment, I am really looking forward to watching Mr Moore's next documentary "Sicko". For all those of you who are interested, I am copying the link below so that you can watch the trailer:

After watching the trailer, I suggest watching the documentary because, as Mr Moore himself stated, "I think one movie can make a difference." If you also share my view that a society that favours profit over human welfare has some deep-seated problems, I am very confident that you will enjoy watching Mr Moore's latest work. Hopefully, after watching this documentary, an increasing number of individuals will realise that capitalism will never lead us to lasting peace and happiness.

Every human being should have free access to education, health care, a safe home, and many other things that ensure a decent quality of life. The whole world benefits when every person can educate himself/herself freely, when every person can have a proper roof over his/head without worrying about rent or about ending up in the streets...

When is humanity going to learn to live in a world without money and in which the welfare of EVERY person is given top priority?

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La delirante said...

I also look forward to watching the movie!