Saturday, 30 June 2007

Bryan Adams in Malta: A Great Concert!!!

Last Thursday, one of my directors called me and asked whether I was interested in attending the Bryan Adams concert at the Luxol Grounds in the Pembroke area. After answering affirmatively, he said that he had a couple of tickets and since he was not going, he was willing to give them to me and to my wife so that we could go to have a good time! I must say that he is a very kind-hearted man!

We collected the tickets from Jessie's Bar and went to find our seats. To our delight, we were seated in the VIP area! We also noticed that the tickets cost Lm40.00 each!!!

I cannot say that I have ever been a big fan of Bryan Adams, but the concert was absolutely wonderful! The sound was great and we really enjoyed his willingness to invite members from the audience to sing or dance with him!

Bryan Adams stated that this was his first visit to Malta. He also added that he has Maltese relatives!!!

Anyway, it was surely a night to remember!!! :)

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