Sunday, 7 June 2009


Whilst awaiting the EU Parliament election results, I was thinking about an article that I read a few minutes ago. The article was entitled Shortage of nurses at Mater Dei emergency.

Just a few days ago, whilst listening to one of Dr Gonzi's speeches, he was boasting about Mater Dei, the hospital that has often been described as a "state-of-the-art" one. During his speech, Dr Gonzi seemed to forget that when it comes to hospitals, the most important thing is that patients are given the most appropriate treatment they require. When a person needs to undergo an emergency operation and is constrained to wait for a number of hours due to a shortage of nurses, something is clearly very wrong! According to the aforementioned article penned by Cynthia Busuttil, "Patients requiring emergency surgery are at times made to wait because there are not enough nursing staff to man Mater Dei's emergency theatres..."

Scary and shocking news!!!

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