Saturday, 11 April 2009

My Voice in the Blogosphere

Why should one have a blog? Is it the desire to reveal our innermost thoughts and fears to the world in order to feel that there are other people who share our viewpoints? Is it the belief that blogging could contribute to expanding one's social network?

There could be numerous reasons that explain the modern phenomenon of blogging. Some individuals might prefer to focus on events in their personal lives whereas others could feel more attracted to analysing several political events.

In my case, I enjoy sharing what I consider to be pleasant with the rest of the world. If I go somewhere and take some beautiful photos, I like publishing them for everyone to see. Having said this, I also enjoy focusing on countless issues affecting the millions of people around the world who are suffering as a result of an unfair distribution of wealth and as a consequence of unfair laws. Unlike the rich and the highly-educated individuals, the suffering as well as the poor frequently find it extremely hard to sound their thoughts and fears. Many of them tend to be caught up in a daily struggle to survive which does not allow much time to educate and/or to develop their skills.

When I write against neo-liberalism and when I denounce the rhetoric of several politicians, I do this because I know that unless countless laws and economic systems are truly altered, millions of people will go on living in a state of unnecessary poverty and pain. Rather than using my blog to win a comfortable seat in some European Union institution, I often try to depict situations and arguments that tend to be brushed aside by the mainstream media. Every time I write about my belief that every person should be guaranteed a job by the State, my mind goes to the millions of people around the world who have been laid off or who cannot find a job. Simply telling such individuals that they have my solidarity is not enough! When faced with pain, I think that most people would not want pity or words; they would want an effective remedy!!!

As a person, I do not have the power to change laws or to alter the way in which wealth is currently being distributed in most countries. Yet, it is my hope that many of the articles I write reflect the thoughts of many out there who might not have the resources or the courage to express certain views. In this way, my voice will be their voice and they will feel a little bit better to know that there is someone who is determined to say certain things and who wants to see a number of fundamental changes being carried out as soon as possible.

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La Delirante said...

Interesting post and as usual very well written. I think that people blog for many reasons and more often than not there is more than one reason to start blogging or continue blogging.

I have come to the conclusion that in general, politicians who blog are a joke and so are people who have their agendas because they want to become something, let's say politicians for instance.

I like to listen to people like you who don't have agendas but brains and who share their thoughts, ideas, worries and political views as an average citizen through the blog.