Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Never Give Up!

Earlier on today, I came across a very interesting blog. The latter contains a great deal of motivational/self-help articles that could be hugely beneficial for many people.

One of the articles was about success and failure. I would like to share the following paragraphs from it as food for thought:

"Failure can either break us or make us. Those broken by failure are haunted by unpleasant memories. These memories are like shadows that lurk in front, behind, beside, beneath and above. It is also a cage that traps the mind, preventing it to entertain possibilities of freedom and success. They are convinced that they cannot do it; therefore, they will not try.

For those that failure could not break are those who became made “men.” Failure to them is not a ghost, but a friend who taught them well. It is also a stepping stone to wisdom. These men and women are convinced that true failure only happens when one gives up." (bold font added)

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