Saturday, 13 December 2008

A Walk to Remember

Last Saturday, my wife and I went out for a drink with Kim and Glenn, two very special friends of ours.

As we talked about various things, they suggested that we watch a movie called A Walk to Remember. I watched it with my wife earlier on today and I must say that it is a wonderful film! I will not talk about the specific contents of it here in order to avoid ruining the surprise for those people who have still not watched it, but if you want to witness a story of love, friendship, and forgiveness, this movie should not be missed!!! The story was so moving that a few tears just streamed down my cheeks during certain parts of the movie!



ninuhadida said...

hehe I watched this movie, and yes, it was very moving!

There's another movie which is similar.. The Notebook. If you liked A Walk To Remember, you'll definitely enjoy watching this one!

hope everything if fine over there! ;)

Trixie said...

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charles bernal said...

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