Sunday, 15 June 2008


A few weeks ago, La Delirante and I were invited to have dinner with some friends. As always, we laughed a great deal and enjoyed ourselves very much.

Something must, however, be said about the food. It was absolutely DELICIOUS!!! I am not sure whether I had ever eaten Timpana (baked macaroni) in the past given that I was quite fussy about certain foods up to a couple of years ago. As far as La Delirante is concerned, she got her first taste of this extremely popular Maltese dish...and she loved it! :)

Whoever is interested in learning more about Timpana, please take a look at the following site:


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Red said...

No restaurant! :) That was a home-made timpana eaten at a friend's place! :)

Carin said...

Thanks for the link to the recipe. I love Timpana and will try to make it one day. At forehand I know it won't turn out as delicious as the Maltese make it, but any way I'll try.