Monday, 11 February 2008


Video muy interesante del PCPE!


La delirante said...

Very interesting. I am against privatizations. I believe that the government could provide the basic services that people need (water, electricity) without charging too much money and in an effective way. Sometimes the argument they use is that the government is not that effective/efficent when it comes to running companies. Well, they could if they really wanted to. There is nothing really stopping them from trying their best.

The music, though fabolous on its own, is however a bit too dramatic for the video.

Red said...

Hi Delirante! :) Thanks a lot for your interesting comments!

I totally agree that government companies could function extremely well if they have the right type of management. In my view, countless capitalists have recently waged a merciless war against any government-owned organisation so that the privatisation process could be justified. By doing so, the companies that once belonged to the people ended up in the hands of some ultra-rich individuals who are more interested in purchasing a huge villa or a massive yacht than in safeguarding workers' rights!!!

I love the video and the music! :)